Safari for Windows

Last week Apple released a beta version of Safari for Windows, with more than a million downloads in the first 24 hours. It’s neat, clean, light, quick and has great colors. For average web browsing I like Safari best, but as I find the Firefox add-ons helpful for web development I’ll probably stay with Firefox as my primary browser. (Although I must say I’m more than a bit miffed with the changes with the latest version of Firefox and the way it has messed with the tabs.) Download Safari here: Safari

Dell offering XP on consumer desktops and notebooks again

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Dell had stopped providing Windows XP for consumer desktops and notebooks,only providing Vista, but have found it necessary to keep on supplying XP as an option.

Michael Gartenberg, vice president and research director of JupiterResearch, said many consumers continue to buy XP because it is familiar, it works with their existing hardware and programs, and is overall "good enough," even though Vista boasts a prettier user interface and stronger security.

Latest Vista the buggiest Windows OS in the last decade!

Industry analysts are reporting that the latest Vista beta is the buggiest in 10 years – full of blue screens and bugs! It currently requires RAM of 700MB. A survey of companies checking when they plan to implement Vista, and nearly 50% said they would wait at least 13 months after release, and others said they wouldn’t ever implement it! So far there isn’t even an anit-virus program which works with it.