How social media is shaping the arts in Australia

For Twitter to work, it has to be a two-way exchange and that requires thought, energy and time.

“If arts companies want to attract new audiences, they have to jump in and chat about the minutiae of what’s going on,” says Fee Plumley, the digital programs officer at the Australia Council for the Arts. “Audiences are not just interested in a celebrity on stage. They really want to know how the show works, how the set was made, how it was cast, who’s doing the lighting and what goes wrong sometimes.

”The minutiae is often the most interesting stuff. It’s a mistake to think of Twitter as a marketing tool. It has to be a conversation.”



Martha Stewart’s Twitter Tips | Fast Company

…She believes that authenticity is crucial to successfully communicate on Twitter. “Yes, I really am me—I write all my own tweets,” she said. “To me, that is the best use of the medium.”

She also stresses that Twitter is an excellent source of research. “I can do surveys instantly,” boasts Stewart, citing how she asks her followers about which products they want to see from her company. “It’s always accurate, informative, and to the point.”