3 must-see videos on the Web 2.0 world

Here’s three Must-See YouTube videos. They each present concepts in a fascinating way. Worth seeing just to get ideas on how to present concepts. But then if you want to get a grip on what’s happening with Web 2.0 and how the world is changing, these are brilliant. You could use these, too, to show to people who “just don’t get” what is happening in the web world and how internet technology is changing how the world does things.

First, “Web 2.0… The web is Us/ing Us”:

And then, “Information R/evolution”:

And this one provides plenty of thought about students today (e.g., what impact does this have on what education methods will work? what impact does this have on what assignments given?):

Big news overnight: Google bought Jaiku

Google loves Jaiku
I go to sleep and wake up to find that my world changed overnight: Google has bought Jaiku (Jaiku blog).

It’s too soon to know the ramifications of all of that, but I’m hoping that it means that Jyri and Petteri and the current Jaiku team can still influence the development and flavor of Jaiku, that Jaiku retains the core features we love, and Google throws extra cash / people at it to allow the addition of more features (without getting feature bloat).

It will be interesting to watch what happens!

The Trust Economy

Today I read a blog entry by Chris Brogan on communities and marketing, and he wrote:

I believe in the Trust Economy: that we are in a mode where we want to hear about things that matter to us from people we trust.

That really struck a chord with me, not just with relationship building in the various online communities, but to every aspect of business.

Can people trust what we say and do? If we’re talking about something a lot are people informed as to the difference between simply being a fan, or because we’re paid to do that?

Trust involves a two-way interaction. Is the relationship in the community a two-thing, because if all I’m doing is talking about something, then all I’m doing is marketing that, where if it’s a two-way thing I’m going to be just as interested and involved in what the others interests are.

The “Trust Economy”. Food for thought.