Skype – The Big Blog – Skype for iPhone will run in the background with iPhone OS 4

Hurray! Some level of multi-tasking at least!


Skype Promises Super-Cheap Subscriptions, Group Video Chat

…Skype Wednesday confirmed new monthly call subscription plans that, according to Skype, bring down the costs of Skype-enabled Internet calls even further.

…Skype users have been asking for customized subscription plans that reflect how often they use the service, according to the company. Under the new plans, users can preselect countries they want to call, what types of devices — mobile phones or landlines or both — they want to call, and then what subscription plan to buy into.


Skype commands 13 percent of international phone calls

In recent report by TeleGeography Research Skype-to-Skype calls accounted f or 13% of all international call minutes in 2009.


“Skype is now the largest provider of cross border communications in the world, by far,” Beckert said