“Each problem that I solved became a rule which served afterwards to solve other problems.” – Rene Descartes

Problems are not the problem.

Mistakes are never the mistake.

Mistakes only become mistakes if we respond badly to them.

A mistake can be the best thing that happens to us if we respond well.

Many of the greatest inventions have come from mistakes.

Many of the greatest advancements have emerged from problems.

Life is not without problems.

It is our lot to discover the blessing inside.

By Pastor Phil Pringle

The Phoenix Principle

‘Despair leads to death. The entrance to hell in Dante’s inferno: ‘All hope abandon, ye who enter here.’ – Secrets of Super Achievers by Philip Baker, Webb & Partners 1997, Pg 50.

A man is sitting on his porch in Kentucky.

He’s just retired from the post office.

His first Social Security check arrives.

He’s very, very discouraged. He thinks, “Is this my life now – sitting on the porch waiting for my check?”

He made a list of all the blessings and capacities he had.

The list was long. In the list was his mother’s recipe for fried chicken.

It used eleven different herbs and spices.

He went to a nearby restaurant and asked if he could cook the chicken.

It soon became the most popular item on the menu.

So he opened his own restaurant, then others, then a string of restaurants.

Eventually Harland Sanders sold the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise across all of America.

Pastor Phil Pringle



‘Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit…’ Phil 2:3

What we act on we strengthen.

If we are angry and we act on it we strengthen anger.

If we are proud and act on it we strengthen presumption and arrogance.

If we are tempted to sin and we act on it, we strengthen our weekness to resist temptation.

If we are anxious and we allow it to drive us to action, we strengthen worry.

However, if we resist temptation we strengthen our will.

Our will is like a muscle.

Every time we make a desicion it is like lifting a weight.

We strengthen the muscle of our will.

When we control our temper we strengthen self- control.

When we refuse anxiety and rather trust God speaking out His promises, we strengthen faith instead of doubt.

Pastor Phil Pringle


‘Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Patience is strength of spirit. She is the measure of our capacity.

Short spirit, short patience, long spirit, long patience.

Patience bears heavy loads with a happy attitude, without complaining.

Patience is something I decide to receive, to embrace.

Say, ‘I decide to be patient. I receive patience now.’

Patience is nourished through trial, strengthened through pressure.

Whatever you’re facing right now, it is growing your level of patience.

This is turn increases your capacity.

Increased capacity increases your success levels.

Be patient. It will ‘surely come to pass.

Pastor Phil Pringle


‘If there is one virtue that should be cultivated more than another by him who would succeed in life, it is punctuality; if there is one error that should be avoided, it is being behind time’ – Freeman Hunt

Always be early and you’ll never be late.

Leave your place early so you’ll arrive early at their place.

Be there before they are, or before others are.

People will learn that you can be trusted.

Don’t arrive when it’s time to be leaving.

People don’t appreciate those who steal their time.

Respect people’s time and they’ll give you more.

Pastor Phil Pringle