Global warning: beware of jealous computers

Beware jealous computersThe Healthy Computing Volunteer Group, also known as the HeCoVoG, has released news of more and more reports of computers attacking people. The funny thing is that also seen at the scene of such incidents was a Nokia N95 multimedia computer. Doctors and medical specialists are preparing the first World Conference on Laptop Bites & PC Wounds.

And the Jealous Computers site goes on with more details, including shocking footage, victim testimonies, and safety tips. The safety tips include ring tones to help camouflage the N95 and an 95 disguise mug.

… a clever viral marketing tool from Nokia …

Here’s the warning from Dr Shopova:

And here are some safety tips for using the N95 in the office:

There’s even a game hidden somewhere on the site (hint: it’s on the Safety Tips page)!

My new Nokia N95 the best thing since sliced bread

Nokia N95The Nokia N95 is such a cool toy, which does everything except make my espresso coffee in the morning. It is amazing having so many features all in the one compact device, and all so easy to use. It just works! Every aspect of the N95 is excellent quality. So far I’ve used it for the the usual phone and SMS things, plus using the 5MB camera, video camera, connecting to Wi-Fi, downloaded via 3G, accessed email, paired up a bluetooth headset, synched up with Outlook on my PC, transmitted photos taken directly to Flickr, imported music from my PC, browsed the web, and so on. There’s more to try out, including playing with the GPS features and trying out the FM radio. It’s powerful, but intuitive. The screen is clear and bright. Videos and games are superb quality. Maybe it’s still a honeymoon time, but I haven’t found anything yet which has been disappointing. Nokia N95As the Nokia tagline says "It’s what computers have become". For more details see the Nokia N95 site. And I’ll add more details on this site after I’ve been using it for longer, and can more clearly see the pros and cons!