Music Labels Tell Google To Remove Infringing Links | paidContent:UK

Britain’s biggest recording industry association, the BPI, has sent a cease-and-desist order to Google (NSDQ: GOOG), asking the search engine to take down links to nine “one-click hosting” sites, each of which hosts thousands of illegal songs.



Agnes Gund: Taking the Arts Seriously

…music training extends working and long-term memory, and that it aids both reading and geometry skills in children. The research also shows that interest in the performing arts improves motivation and sustained attention…

Through their contributions in the performing and the visual arts, artists and arts professionals cope with the issues of our day. They deepen our knowledge of local, national, and global issues and provide ways of addressing them. Pushing culture to the periphery of our consciousness limits our ability to deal with many of our world’s problems. I especially wonder how our philanthropic institutions (in particular, the major national foundations) can build their lines of work without taking the arts into consideration. 


Copyright: Is it time to defend our rights?

It seems that copyright, a legal framework developed over 300 years to ensure a balance between the interests of the wider community and those of the creative artist has become so tipped towards those of the “rights holder” that few of us can go through a day without breaking the law in one way or another.

…We are on the verge of building so many restrictions into online activity that the creativity, inventiveness and sheer joy of life on the net will be squeezed out just to ensure that over-hyped comedians are able to censor videos of their fans waiting for the show to begin.