McDonald’s to Use Facebook’s Upcoming Location Feature

… As early as this month, the social-networking site [Facebook] will give users the ability to post their location within a status update. McDonald’s, through digital agency Tribal DDB, Chicago, is building an app with Facebook would allow users to check in at one of its restaurants and have a featured product appear in the post, such as an Angus Quarter Pounder, say executives close to the deal.

… Mr. Colleran noted that Facebook has the world’s largest mobile application, with more than 100 million users each day. “We don’t make a single dime off it,” he said. “And that is our intent.” Facebook, he said, is profitable because of the advertising on alone.


Altimeter Report: Social Marketing Analytics (Altimeter Group & Web Analytics Demystified)


If you’re familiar with the Altimeter frameworks of developing a social strategy based on business objectives, then you’re in good shape, as this research report is the natural extension of the business objectives we put forth:

  • Dialog: involves starting a conversation and offering your audience something to talk about while allowing that conversation to take on a life of its own

  • Advocacy: activation of evangelism, word of mouth, and the spread of information through social technologies

  • Supporting: customers may self support each other, or companies may directly assist them using social technologies.

  • Innovation: The business objective of innovation is an extraordinary byproduct of engaging in social marketing activity.


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