Big news overnight: Google bought Jaiku

Google loves Jaiku
I go to sleep and wake up to find that my world changed overnight: Google has bought Jaiku (Jaiku blog).

It’s too soon to know the ramifications of all of that, but I’m hoping that it means that Jyri and Petteri and the current Jaiku team can still influence the development and flavor of Jaiku, that Jaiku retains the core features we love, and Google throws extra cash / people at it to allow the addition of more features (without getting feature bloat).

It will be interesting to watch what happens!

Relational revolution

In playing around with Twitter and Jaiku, I can’t help but think that there’s a relational revolution going on. People are craving relationship and finding new ways of connecting with people, even building community with people they’ve never met.

There are so many ways of doing that: on MySpace connecting with people, on Twitter keeping in touch with what people we know are up to, and likewise on Jaiku and Groovr. Then there’s blogs like WordPress and LiveJournal and Tumblr where we can put out ideas and stimulate dicussion and connection. And then there’s so many comunity building tools, from connecting with people about books at LibraryThing, or comparing notes on restaurants at Menuism or comparing travel notes at TravelPod or TripAdvisor.

That’s the technology world, impacting relationships and developing communities around the world.

And then there’s relational impacts in the art world. There’s a whole area of art called "relational aesthetics" where art (sculpture, drama, music, and anything else artistic) is developing to involve participation by people who would be considered observers in traditional art.

It’s all about connecting with people, a relational revolution.

IMified: a clever way to update numerous sites, including Twitter / Jaiku

I’ve been playing with IMified, a clever tool allowing you to use any of a number of IM tools to update a variety of web sites.

First, you add their contact email address to your IM tool (MSN / Yahoo / AIM / Gtalk / Jabber), and send them a message. That automatically creates an account. Then, when you type M, it responds with a menu, from which you can do things like configure your account, or send messages. You can configure your account to update numerous web sites, including Twitter, Jaiku, Basecamp,, WordPress, Live Journal, Backpack, and so on! Very clever.

It’s great having options for interacting with those tools: sometimes email is easiest, sometimes SMS is bext, sometimes via the web is best, and IMified provides one more option.

Jaiku so much better than Twitter

JaikuI have no idea why Twitter is so popular! Jaiku is so much easier to use and provides so many more options. Here’s a comparison of the two, from what I’ve seen with them both:

  • Sending an update via SMS works with Jaiku, but not Twitter (it doesn’t seem to recognized mobiles from Australia)
  • The option to update Twitter via IM doesn’t work with Live Journal.
  • Jaiku provides the ability to also include updates from a variety of sources, including your blogs, and Flickr
  • With every feature / setting in Jaiku it worked every time, whereas with Twitter I’ve gone around and around in loops trying to make things work, and still had no success.
  • The only thing that Jaiku doesn’t yet have is the ability to email a posting. Posting is done via the web interface is via SMS.

Jaiku just works! And it works well!

Update: I did get Twitter working with IM and SMS eventually, but I still prefer Jaiku, because of the way that it can combine multiple sources.