What makes Apple so sticky – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech

…switching costs are relatively high (not to mention the time required to port). When Apple’s best in class user experience is combined with these growing switching costs, the resulting customer loyalty is unparalleled.

In light of what he calls “the stunning success of the iPad” and the demand for upgrades that the new iPhone is likely to spur, it’s going to get harder, not easier, for users to switch, no matter what Google (GOOG) and the rest of Apple’s competitors have up their sleeve.

Oh dear: The iPod is given a Shonky Award by CHOICE magazine

I need to first explain that "shonky" in Aussie slang means "dubious, failure, bomb, dud, underhand". So, when the Australian CHOICE magazine have issued their Shonky Awards for 2006, and the iPod is on the list, it is not a good thing! And what’s more, they have given the iPod the "CHOICE iSHONK for Dual-level Shonkyness", for the hardware failures, and for the difficulty in getting repairs under warranty. Oh dear.

Apple notebooks now 12% market share

Apple’s retail notebook market has doubled to 12% as measured by units in June from January. Apple’s net income increased by 48% as a result of sales of iPods and Intel-powered computers.