Success begins with 48 minutes

Set a timer for 48 minutes. Shut out all distractions and work continuously for those 48 minutes. When the timer goes off, move around, stretch, whatever, and then repeat the process.

The theory is that productivity soars, and there’s something amazing about how it works with 48 minutes.

Something to try….

The (10+2)* 5 Procrastinator’s Hack

If you’re easily distracted, and have lots of smaller things to do (or can break your work up into smaller chunks), 43 Folders has a clever hack to help you get things done, while still allowing some time for play, the (10+2)*5 Hack:

  • 10: Focus, and work for 10 minutes
  • 2: After getting 10 minutes of work done, it’s OK to play or web surf or whatever for two minutes.
  • *5: Repeat four times, and before you know it an hour has passed where work has been done, but play has been allowed too!

Two screens are better than one

Microsoft research found that increasing screen area, by using the equivalent of two 19″ screens, increased productivity between 9 and 50%. Memory capability, and multi-tasking are much improved.

The studies also showed that women benefited even more with increased screen area.

Steve Richards reports that with three 19″ screens he has experienced a productivity increase of 10-30%. He said that he feels more relaxed, and is better able to manage the screen content.

See the following for details of the Microsoft research: