Google new programming language: Go

Google has announced version 1 of its Go programming, known as Go 1. Binary distributions are available for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows. The goals for Go 1 include stability, longevity, and simplicity in programming. It works with Unicode characters.

Will be fun playing with Go 1!


The poison of arrogance | Monday Note

Arrogance is the most toxic waste-product of technology companies. Past examples abound: IBM, AT&T, Microsoft… All their hauteur got them were expensive antitrust actions and customer backlash. Last week, we got yet another example of the insufferable behavior still prevailing in the high-tech world — with the to-be-expected response from regulators and markets.

Many American companies suffer from vision impairment: they consider the Rest of the World as an aggregation of second-class people.