Google new programming language: Go

Google has announced version 1 of its Go programming, known as Go 1. Binary distributions are available for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows. The goals for Go 1 include stability, longevity, and simplicity in programming. It works with Unicode characters.

Will be fun playing with Go 1!


Chrome overtakes IE, at least for a day

Apparently Chrome became market leader, over IE and others, over the weekend for the first time. Chrome’s usage is higher on weekends, when people can choose their own browser.


The poison of arrogance | Monday Note

Arrogance is the most toxic waste-product of technology companies. Past examples abound: IBM, AT&T, Microsoft… All their hauteur got them were expensive antitrust actions and customer backlash. Last week, we got yet another example of the insufferable behavior still prevailing in the high-tech world — with the to-be-expected response from regulators and markets.

Many American companies suffer from vision impairment: they consider the Rest of the World as an aggregation of second-class people.