Easy check to see if DNSChanger is affecting your computer / location

The Australian Government DNSChanger Check site is a helpful quick way of checking to see if your computer / your location might be affected by the DNSChanger trojan. When the trojan was discovered, the FBI implemented a short-term solution, to ensure the internet kept running, but that solution is planned to be in place only until July 9, 2012. There is the potential for any computers affected by this trojan to be cut off from the internet after that time.

How to kill the internet

The BBC has an article about how Anonymous has claimed that it could disable the internet on March 31: by bringing down enough Domain Name Servers (DNS), so that anything on the internet wouldn’t be able to communicate. They would do that through a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack on the key top-level DNS servers, in effect then disabling all of the DNS servers lower down the chain. The threat has been made that this would happen on March 31. We’ll see!