Managers and the whole person

I came across an excellent article about management. Here’s a quote which resonated:

I hate to break it to all the corporate running backs out there, but feelings are a part of people and therefore a part of business. Frustration, defensiveness, fear; courage, conscience, love. Work is a human thing, the product of human brains, human muscles, human spirits, human hearts. And so work, like the humans who do it, can be awkward and exciting and scary and sometimes messy. And it has the human potential for joy, if business would only make room for it.

But too many companies behave as if the goal of work is to leave our humanity at the door. How else to explain why companies so often reward bad managers?

… The message is clear: results count more than the human beings who produce them. That message plays out in a hundred different ways at work. You’ve seen it. Contempt for failure and the implied disdain for learning that underlies it. Fear of conflict, and the equal fear of collaboration. The absolute terror of being wrong. The stomp-it-like-a-bug response to vulnerability. The insane idea that credentials, theories and statistics are more real than people’s experience. The focus on product and profit as the sole measure of success, where dealing with people is just a necessary chore on the way to the next dividend.

… Why do companies continue to expect excellent results from people who are managed in terrible ways?

Food for thought, heh!


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