No micromanagement

Mike Cohn, one of the Agile gods, has a new article about micromanagement, or not micromanaging to be precise. Good reminders about 1) sharing information, not hoarding, and 2) making sure the team has full autonomy to do what they need to do, and other points. All too often I see information hoarding used as a power trick, but the team players suffer as a result.

I really do love Agile and Scrum: seeing each member of the team encouraged to perform to their best using their skills, with all contributing to the outcome of the work. So much better than top-down dictatorial direction-giving, which ends up being disempowering.

2 thoughts on “No micromanagement

  1. Micromanagement is not that bad – it is depicted by many as the worst thing that anyone can do to his project team, but it’s a fact that an ounce of project management is OK (see this article).

    We’ve all been “guilty” of micromanagement – but that management style has its usage!

  2. Good article, PM Hut. Yes, managers / project managers should be aware of what is going on. In the Scrum methodology that should be revealed in the daily meetings, and if any problems surface, pursued in more detail following that. With the daily meetings, then everyone in the team is aware of what is going on.

    I guess the points I mentioned about not hoarding information and making sure the team members have autonomy are just as important for the empowerment and best function of the team.

    So many factors to consider in project management… I must read more articles on your site in continuing to learn how best to manage projects.

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