Can She Lead?

Can She Lead?

There is an evident need for women in leadership positions, and the lack of it in society. According to a study conducted at Northwestern University on “Transformational, Transactional and Laissez Faire Leadership Styles: a Meta-Analysis Comparing Women and Men,” women can be the more effective than men as leaders due to their “transformational” leadership style. The authors define this leadership style as those who “serve as role models, mentor and empower workers and encourage innovation even when the organization they lead is generally successful” (Eagly et al, 2003). The results of the study demonstrate the great need of women to act as leaders in society through their ability to nurture and cultivate greater talent in those they lead and serve.

Female leaders can rise to the top as they embrace their own strengths as women and maintain a leadership style that is embedded in their individuality. This is what will draw others near, inspire, and motivate. It will also require society to respect women for the strengths they posses, just as Kagan illustrates.

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